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Why Do So Many of the Worlds Leading Amazon Sellers Use Kibly?...
Dave Lindenbaum
8 Figure Amazon Seller
& King of Kombucha!
Drew Canole
CEO of Organifi
& San Diego's King Of Green!
Skott Radcliff
8 Figure Amazon Seller
& World-Wide Automation Coach
And How Are New Amazon Sellers Dominating Their 
To Quickly Grow Sales To 5 Figures Per Month?

If you’re looking to finally see your Amazon sales grow month after month... While actually freeing up more of your time to source and launch new product lines... Then keep reading.

Because that’s exactly what these "new to the business" private label sellers have achieved... growing to 5 and even 6-figures in monthly sales... within just 6-8 months of launching their products.

What’s their secret? 

The key is something most Amazon sellers overlook completely:

Turning your customers into raving fans. The kind of fans who leave you reviews like this:

Now this starts with selling a great product. But that’s just the first step.

When your customers buy from you, you stay in touch with them at every step. You follow up with them to make sure they know how to use your product. You show them that you’re there to help them succeed.

When you do this, they turn right around and reward you with:

More buzz...

...and positive word of mouth that generates...

More sales...

...which gets you...

More ecstatic...

over-the-top 5-star reviews and...

More exposure...

(as Amazon takes notice), which leads to...
   More Sales!   
That's Where Kibly Helps.

Kibly plugs into your Amazon business in less than 3 minutes... Then works tirelessly for you 24/7... Sending your customers friendly, helpful emails at exactly the right time...

Kibly turns one-time buyers into raving fans who leave you 5-star reviews gushing about your amazing customer service... Tell all their friends about you... and come back to buy again and again.

More Sales & Repeat Customers

Your glowing, detailed reviews will turn more shoppers into buyers. And your customers will tell their friends about your amazing service—then come back to buy from you again and again.

Price Higher & Still Crush Your Competition

With your growing arsenal of 5-star reviews, you’ll out-convert your competition—even if you’re charging more. And Amazon will choose your product for more cross-sells and recommendations.

100% Hands-Off Automation

Getting started takes less than 3 minutes. You’ll never have to worry about product reviews again. Kibly works for you 24/7—no fiddling or babysitting required. You can use your extra time to launch new product lines... or just enjoy your new income.

5X More Feedback And Reviews? 
That’s A Bold Claim...

Yes it is. And here’s the reason why we’re so confident that you’ll see these results: 

Every part of Kibly is battle-tested and proven to work in real private label businesses... with real customers and real products.

We’ve sent hundreds of thousands of test emails and carefully analyzed the results to see exactly what works. 

From the subject lines that guarantee your messages get read... to the perfect time to follow up with your buyers... and even the best way to format links so your customers click—and leave you reviews.

As a result of this precision fine-tuning, Kibly users typically see their reviews spike by up to 500% or more.

Video Testimonial
"Because of Kibly I was able to increase my revenues by over 5 times. I can honestly say that signing up for Kibly was by far, the best thing I've ever done for my Amazon business."
5-Star Reviews Like These Do All Your Selling For You: 

"I can't even explain the amount of success we've seen..."

"Kibly is exactly what my business needed! I couldn’t understand why we weren’t seeing the results that other businesses were seeing, and it felt like I was working non-stop trying to collect happy feedback and reviews, but with no results. I gave it a shot as a last ditch effort, and I can’t even begin to explain the amount of success we’ve seen since doing so! I’m working less, making more, and getting more positive reviews than I know what to do with!"
You Get MORE Reviews, 
& BETTER Reviews

Top-level Amazon sellers know that the secret to getting great reviews and feedback is world-class customer service.

With Kibly, your customers will rave about your service—and best of all, it’s 100% automated and hands-off for you.

Kibly comes pre-loaded with email templates that CONVERT.

Kibly template emails have been sent over 100,000,000 times from sellers on our platform since 2014.

We know they work, because our sellers have received well over 10,000,000 correlated feedback and reviews in that time.

Here's how it works:
1. Kibly sends your customers friendly, personalized updates so they know exactly what’s happening with their order before they even have a chance to ask. (They’ll think you’re a mind reader.)

2. When their order arrives, your customers are so blown away with your fast, friendly and professional service that they’re thrilled to leave you feedback as a seller. 
3. And when you check in a few days later to see how they’re enjoying their purchase—and politely ask for a product review—they trip all over themselves to leave glowing 5-star reviews like these:
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Just grab your account details and drop them into the short form—we’ll even walk you through the process if you’re not sure what to do.
3. Schedule Your Emails With 1 Click
Your Kibly account is preloaded with 3 done-for-you email templates. Whether you have 1 product or 1,000, it takes just 1 click to set up your emails—and start racking up the 5-star reviews.
Track Your Orders And Email Performance

Your Kibly dashboard gives you a real-time view of your growing business, including your orders shipped, the number of emails you’ve sent to your customers, and email open/clickthrough rates.

Manage All Your Feedback & Reviews In One Location
1-Click Negative Feedback Management
(logs you into your account so you can request a removal)
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Common Questions
Won’t my customers get mad if I email them?
Quite the opposite—with Kibly’s friendly, personal templates, your customers actually welcome your emails, because they see that you’re going the extra mile to take care of them. You’ll know it’s working when your customers leave rave reviews about your service.
What happens if I hit my limit on emails?
You never have to worry about running out of emails during those blockbuster sales months. That’s because Kibly automatically tops off your account with inexpensive email refills whenever you need them. We’ll even send you a friendly reminder when you’re approaching your limit, in case you’d like to upgrade your account going forward. Either way ,your emails will never stop going out, so you won’t have to watch your email limit like a hawk. Instead you can focus on more important things, like sourcing your next product.
How is Kibly different from other Amazon feedback software?
Our proprietary "R3 Review Collection Engine" was designed especially for Private Label sellers and Resellers, to give you the most reliable, push-button experience in growing your Amazon sales. Our proven messages will help you stay compliant, automate critical customer support, and make it much less likely that Amazon will suspend your account (which as you know, is a huge problem for many sellers!). And with our "1-Click Email Scheduler", you won’t have to waste weeks building your own emails and guessing what works. We have made it brain-dead simple to duplicate our "Top Seller Process." Just take 3 minutes to plug Kibly into your business and walk away—it works right out of the box.
Can I edit the email templates or replace them with my own?
Absolutely—all of the email templates are 100% customizable. Kibly’s powerful, flexible template editor puts you in complete control of the text and graphics in your emails. We’d suggest starting with our proven templates, which we’ve fine-tuned with more than 1 million test emails. Then use Kibly’s built-in testing features to try your own variations.
Is Amazon OK with me following up with customers?
As long as you lead with a customer support angle, follow their content guidelines and don't try to take them off Amazon! Remember, in Amazon's eyes, they are THEIR customer, not yours. Amazon’s terms of service allow you to send up to 4 emails to each of your buyers. Kibly sends your emails through Amazon’s own servers—just like you we're following up with them manually in Seller Central. We take away all of the guesswork by giving you proven, 100% plug-and-play follow-up messages.
Does Kibly work for sellers in the United Kingdom, Australia, and other countries?
Yes! One of the best parts about Kibly is that it's set up to work for sellers on ANY of Amazon’s country-specific websites, not just And while our templates are English-only for now, we may add multi-lingual support in the future.
Will you help me if I need technical support?
YOU CAN COUNT ON US. We want to see everyone happy when using Kibly. We have focused our effort into our customer support with FAQs, a support desk, and a dedicated team to get your questions and problems solved as quick as possible! During working hours our aim is to answer your question and solve your problem within 12 to 24 hours.

"This literally SAVED my business!"

"I was selling cables that broke about 6% of the time. Even though we replaced those for our customers, we mainly got 1 star feedback and reviews, because only the angry customers seemed to leave the reviews! We even got threatened to get shut down by Amazon! Then we found you guys. We instantly started seeing our customers LOVE the follow up, and actually got our reviews and feedback up to a 4.9 average! This literally SAVED my business!"
New Accounts Get Exclusive Access to Kibly Refunds 
Kibly Refunds is a seller support program where our staff works to find money Amazon owes you and then to get that money back from Amazon and in your bank where it belongs! Zero work required from you. Sign up now, start collecting 5 star feedback and review, and let our team start working hard to help you grow your business!
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