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Here at Kibly we know your business has it's own unique needs and we think the "one-size-fits-all" software subscriptions of the past just don't cut it any more.

That's why we're changing the way you pay for business software.

There are no trials, no obligations, & no monthly subscription fees! 

You only pay for the features you actually use.
Price Range: $0.50-$1.00/postcard
Use this groundbreaking tool to communicate with your customers via direct mail.

SendPost is a solution you won't find anywhere but Kibly, and we're pretty proud of it! 

Potential Uses: 
  •   Provide customers with your website and direct contact info
  •   Offer your loyal customers exclusive discounts
  •   Thank your customers for their business
  •  Get more reviews and feedback
  •  Cross promote products
  •  Launch new products
  • ...or anything else you can imagine!
Price Range: $0.08-$0.16/record
Use Kibly Connect™ to turn your customers into a long term asset for your business.

This feature allows you to serve past customers ads for your products on social media platforms such as FaceBook and Instagram.

Kibly Connect™ opens up entirely new marketing opportunities for your business and allows you to turn your "Online Store" into a full fledged company.

Not only that, it allows you to turn one time buyers into repeat customers who recognize your brand, love your products and come back again and again for more!

If you're serious about building a real, scalable business then this tool is for you!
Price Range: $0.08-0.50/email
Use this feature to connect with your customers on autopilot. 

Schedule automated email sequences to be sent to your customers after the purchase. 

Send them relevant info about their purchase such as delivery and shipping information, provide them with a way to contact your customer service department should a problem arise, thank them for being a customer and encourage them to leave you a 5-Star Product Review or Seller Feedback.

This strategy has been proven to build more rapport with your customers, increase positive Product Reviews + Feedback, decrease negative Product Reviews + Feedback, and encourage repeat purchases. 

It is our recommendation that every single Amazon seller do this no matter what you sell! 
Price Range: FREE w/account
Ever wanted to run ads for your products off of Amazon (maybe Facebook or Instagram) but been worried about wasting money?

We get it! There are so many places to find new customers in today's world that sticking with only Amazon Sponsored ads means that you're missing out on tons of potential sales.

Here's the problem, making a FB or Instagram post with a link directly to your product listing looks sloppy and unprofessional, plus it increases the length of your posts by a substantial amount (which can mean trouble if there is a character limit). 

That's why we created the link shortener! 

It gives you the ability to send people directly from your ads off of Amazon to your product page on Amazon using a short, professional looking link... rather than the much longer direct link! 

Plus it keeps track of the number of people who clicked on the link and tells you where they were located, allowing you to see where your best customers are coming from! 
Price Range: $1/tracked product/month
Kibly helps you keep your finger on the pulse of your business! 

 Use Kibly's Review + Feedback Tracker see all of your product reviews and seller feedback in one convenient place with convenient links to view them on Amazon.

Plus, you can set up email and text alerts to be automatically sent to you when new reviews and feedback are left on your account allowing you to stay up to date with what's going on in your business even when you are on the go!
Price Range: FREE w/account
Sick and tired of people leaving negative comments about your products on your Seller Feedback page?

Did you know you can actually have most negative Seller Feedback removed form your account by simply reporting it to Amazon? 

As long as the customer mentions a negative experience with your product (and not your company) in their Feedback Amazon will remove it for you without much hassle.

That's why we created the Feedback Assistant. This powerful tool allows you to get alerts sent directly to your phone or email when negative feedback is posted on your account so you can take care of it right away!

Most sellers who use this tool are able to achieve a 99.9% positive Seller Feedback score within a few months. 

Start using Feedback Assistant and stop letting negative seller feedback hold your business back!
Essential Features (All Plans)
Proven, Pre-loaded 
Email Templates
Our templates are 100% plug-and-play and require no customization. Each one is personalized with dynamic "shortcodes" for every order and are proven to work like crazy for even 7-figure Amazon businesses. Another unique feature.
3 Minute Setup With
1-Click Email Scheduler 
A unique feature. Once you hook up your Amazon account to Kibly, there's just 1 more step - schedule your emails. Use our "1-click scheduler" to immediately deploy our pre-loaded and personalized templates along with our proven followup timing.
Dynamic "Smart Elements"

14 dynamic "shortcodes" allow you to personalize each email that goes out... all automatically. Use shortcodes for your customer's name, product review link, customer service link, package tracking link, and much more.
"Never Down" Automatic 
Email Refill
Kibly gives you an extraordinary amount of emails with your monthly plan. But if you do happen to go over, your emails will never stop sending. For your convenience, you'll get automatically billed for each email over your monthly allotment. (See pricing above)
Unlimited Email Customization

Your account comes pre-loaded with proven templates that have built a 7-figure Amazon business. But you are free to customize your emails to your heart's content. With a full HTML editor, there is no limit to what you can create in your emails.
Smart Email Delivery

Send emails when your package is shipped, hours after, days after, or up to 10 weeks after. Use our suggested "1-click" email timing or develop your own based on your product's needs.
Image + Logo Embed, 
Send Attachments
Want to look professional with a logo? 
Want to show an image of another product you offer?
Want to send a PDF to your customers to give more value to them?
All of that is possible with Kibly.
Email Analytics: Send And 
Open Reports
Our standard analytics allow you to see your total open rate, click-through rate, sent messages, and unsubscribes for the last 24 hours, 7 days, and 30 days... to give you the piece of mind that your customers are seeing your messages and acting upon them.
Immediate Seller Central Import

Kibly is designed to be extremely easy. Upon connecting your account to Amazon, Kibly will immediately begin to import the details of all your product listings, and will update it within hours of your making any changes - all automatically.
Worldwide Functionality

Want to sell in the UK, Germany, Italy, France... or even Japan? No problem! Kibly works with ALL Amazon marketplaces, worldwide.
Negative Feedback Monitoring With Email Alerts
It's a pain when someone leaves you negative feedback - but if you know about it, you can often get it removed. Kibly keeps track of all your negative feedback and gives you an option to be alerted by email each time negative feedback is posted.
Auto-Unsubscribe Upon Negative Feedback Left
Another awesome unique feature. In our template series, we ask for feedback before a review, since bad feedback can often be removed, but bad reviews are very hard to remove. So in Kibly, we give you the option to automatically unsubscribe someone if they leave you negative feedback, protecting you from possible harmful reviews in the future! Very cool, right?
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Premium Features For Large Sellers
If you sell more than 2,000 products per month on your account then you qualify! 
Reach out to our customer service to get started.
Premier Phone Support
Extreme Seller Plan Only

Get support directly over the phone from our highly trained support staff, 5 days a week.
Free Setup Consult
Kibly is super fast and easy to set up, so you probably won't need this... but we wanted to go the extra mile for you. As a special concierge service, if you join the Pro or Extreme plans, we'll get on the phone with you and walk you through the setup, making sure you get the most out of Kibly and are up and running right away.
Private Mastermind
Want to ask high-level strategy questions to quickly grow your business? Now you can.

Join our special private mastermind group and get direct access to Kibly founder and 7-figure Amazon seller, John Rood.
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