The Kibly Feedback Assistant
is now the 
Kibly FREEdback Assistant!
Without Feedback Assistant
  •  Negative feedback piles up affecting your buybox and selling ability
  •   Manually sift through all feedback history and deal with them one at a time
  •  Missing some negative reviews due to complicated process 
With Feedback Assistant
  •  Get email alerts with direct links to remove them right away
  •   One page to view all negative reviews and quickly deal with them - No Time Sucking
  •  Never miss removing negative feedback again
Welcome To Ease & Simplicity
*NOTICE: Due to the costs of running this program, we can only accept a limited number of free users
If you still see this page, we are still accepting new free users
We built Kibly Feedback Assistant as a part of the Kibly software. If you are a Kibly customer, then you already have it! But, if you aren't, we still want to give this to you. 
Building and running the Kibly Feedback Assistant costs us money, but because it doesn't cost as much to run as a full Kibly account, we wanted to give it to you for free. We are in the business of Making Your Business Better, and we know this will absolutely do that!