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What Is Kibly?
Kibly is MORE.

More Reviews.
More Feedback.
More Sales.

People love our service because it takes only 3 minutes to setup... and once you do, you never have to touch it again. All the meanwhile, it's working 24/7 for your Amazon business, collecting non-stop reviews in the background.

Kibly is so effective that we are able to guarantee customers an ROI within 60 days. Nobody ever wants to cancel because they become addicted to it, knowing that if they cancel, their business will just not do as well!

Once, we had a $100,000 per month seller cancel, then message us urgently to sign back up because their revenue dropped by over $40,000 that month! - More than $1,000 per day! ...They are still with us today and doing better than ever.
What Are Our Numbers?
• Free 14-Day Trial To Paid Subscriber: ~77%

• Churn (Cancellation) Rate: 6% monthly (AKA, 94% of everyone loves our software!)

• Sales Page Conversion Rate: 4% To Cold Traffic

What Does That Mean FOR YOU?

• EPC To Cold Traffic: ~$5

• Send just 1,000 clicks and you can make $5,000 to $7,000 and possibly much more if you have an Amazon seller list.
Getting clicks and sales is EASY! We have prebuilt highly converting funnels, copy, swipes, and landning pages that make being a highly paid affiliate easier than ever! 

If you have traffic or an audience of Amazon sellers, sign up here, and leave the rest to us. You'll be getting massive commission checks in no time!
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Kibly Commission Structure And Promotion Details:
  • We pay you $75 commission for EACH new Kibly subscription you bring in! If someone signs up for any Kibly plan through you, that's $75 in your pocket.
  • Send our prewritten, split tested, and ultra high converting email copy, swipes, or social media series - proven to get extremely high open / click rates,  without breaking rapport with your list. ...Meaning you can send ultra profitable copy, that we've already custom crafted for you, and at the same time keep a good relationship with your list!
  • Get detailed backend affiliate statistics and choose from a number of promotional pages. Our robust affiliate backend within a rock-solid platform will allow you to promote Kibly with all the tools you will need.
  • Our 14-day risk-free trial keeps conversions high, as people love to get something for free and a chance to test drive software that is new to them.
  • Get paid every 30 days like clockwork. Our goal is to make affiliates thrilled to promote us, so paying you the correct amount, on time, is always the highest priority of this program. Affiliates who make over 100 sales in one month can request partial expedited payment. Your first commission will be generated in 45 days to verify authenticity, and avoid fraud. After that, it's every 30 days.
Why Kibly Is Different And Your People Will Love It:
  • If you haven't seen it yet, check out our testimonial wall!
  • Our pricing is far and away the best in the industry. Your customers can save over 50% by switching from Feedback Genius and other similar softwares! We also cut out the clutter and give 3 packages to choose from. We also offer Annual Plans at a 25% discount! 
  • Kibly is insanely easy to setup and use. We spent a lot of time getting the software to a literal 2-step setup process. With the simple and intuitive interface, and our proprietary "1-Click Email Scheduling", the #1 blockage to software adoption is completely removed, thus increasing uptake and retention rates.
  • The Kibly templates and shortcodes GET RESULTS. Unlike some other "uninspiring" pre-written templates out there, our templates are proven winners, yielding high amounts of amazing feedback. That means, the customers you send us will STAY customers.
  • Our system works in any country. Unlike some of the other services out there, ours will work out of the box in the UK, Australia, and even in non-English speaking countries like France and Italy. (Customers love us because it's only $10 per month to integrate new regions. Most other softwares charge a full membership price per region).
  • We stand behind our software and the results it gets our customers. The people you send us will ALWAYS be treated with a "customer comes first" mentality. You can count on us to deliver.
  • We have features and tools nobody else has. Where do we start? Send Plus - The feature no one else in the world has that boosts deliverability by 50% by sending to real emails, at the same time as building a real email list automatically, every hour!
  • We've optimized Kibly to deliver the most, and the highest average reviews and feedback you can possibly get. NO ONE has even come close to the amount of testing and optimization we do on a monthly basis.
    In fact, we built an in-depth tracking and data pulling system we use to authenticate real percentage increases in reviews and feedback. With this tracking, we've been able to verify that the average seller that joins our platform increases their reviews and feedback by more than 5X!!!
Become A Kibly Software Affiliate Now
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