Common Questions:
Here are a few of the most common questions we get asked when making the decision to use Kibly
What Is Kibly?
Kibly is a software tool for Amazon sellers who want more... 

...More 5-Star Reviews, More Feedback, and More Sales!

Kibly will help you achieve all of those goals and make it easier for you to run your business efficiently and effectively without spending thousands on software and employees.

We specialize in creating a connection and building rapport between you and your customers through the use of follow-up email and direct mail. Following-up with your customers has been proven to improve the customer experience and get you more 5-star reviews, more feedback, and more sales.

Kibly also provides you with powerful business metrics and customizable alerts that allow you to keep your finger on the pulse of your business, making it easier for you to successfully manage your company and achieve your goals!  

See the features page to get a better idea of what Kibly can do for you.
How Does Kibly Work?
Kibly integrates directly with your Amazon Seller Account using our Amazon Developer ID.

Once the integration has been established, Kibly is able to help you run your business more easily by doing the following:
  • Automatically send personalized email follow-up to your Amazon customers after they purchase a product from you, thanking them for their business, and reminding them to leave a Review or Feedback, whichever you prefer. 
  •  Automatically send personalized direct mail follow-up to your Amazon customers after they purchase a product from you, thanking them for their business and reminding them to leave a Review or Feedback, whichever you prefer.
  •  Keep track of your Product Reviews and Seller Feedback,  and get alerts via email and text when new reviews or feedback are left by your customers.
  •  Get negative feedback removed from your Amazon Seller Profile using the Feedback Assistant.
  •  Generate more sales and launch products using direct mail advertisements to your past customers.
  •  Improve your marketing off of Amazon using our link shortening tool to track the source and frequency of your ad clicks.
  •  Improve the targeting of your advertising efforts off of Amazon using Kibly Connect. 
Why Does Kibly Work?
Kibly helps you build a connection with your customers by giving them more value than your competitors. 

People want to be noticed, they want to feel important and people are happier about a purchase if they feel as though they made a great purchase from a great company!

Following up with customers gives you the opportunity to introduce your brand, tell them why they made a great buying decision and congratulate them on their purchase, making the entire experience more memorable and enjoyable for them!

If you don't follow up with your customers after the purchase, their buying experience won't stand out to them, and the likelihood of that customer taking the time to leave a review is almost zero. 

Research has shown that opening a dialogue with your customers leads to: 
  •  Increased number of Product Reviews
  •  Increased amount of Seller Feedback
  •   Higher Seller Feedback ratings
  •  More repeat purchases 
  •  Higher review scores
  •  Less complaints
  •  Fewer returns
Does Kibly Work For All Countries?
Kibly works with nearly every single Amazon marketplace. 

See list below for all compatible marketplaces:
  • United States
  •  Canada
  •  Mexico
  •  Germany 
  •  France
  •  Spain
  •  Italy
  •  U.K. 
  • India
  •  Brazil
  •  Australia
Is Kibly TOS Compliant?

In order to get the Amazon Developer ID we use to integrate with your Seller Account, Kibly had to be investigated and approved by Amazon. Use Kibly without worrying about getting in trouble with Amazon.

Kibly is a powerful tool,  and allows you to customize the messaging you send to your customers, because well...they are your customers! Due to this, it is possible for you to break Amazon's TOS using Kibly, but only if you decide to include something inappropriate or against TOS in your messaging...which we wouldn't recommend!
Does Kibly Really Work?
In the past 4 years, our team has had the privilege of helping thousands of sellers worldwide to improve their Amazon businesses! 

We are proud to be able to partner with entrepreneurs like you to make your lives easier. 

Keep scrolling to see what our customers are saying about us!
Is Kibly Easy To Set Up?
Setting Kibly up with your Amazon account takes less than 5 minutes! 

When you signup for your account, follow the setup instructions to integrate Kibly's Developer ID with your Amazon Seller Account. 

It's as easy as 1-2-3!
Does Kibly Allow You To Send Emails To Past Customers?

If you are transferring over to Kibly from another service, or you are just realizing the power of following-up with your customers don't worry! 

Kibly allows you to message your past customers via email or direct mail, asking them to rate their experience with your brand or product!
Is Kibly Expensive?

Our goal here at Kibly is to give you the most value for the least amount of money. That's why your account is FREE Forever! 

With Kibly, there are no signup costs, subscription fees, contracts or obligations.

You only pay for the features you want to use. Even better, the more you use of a feature the cheaper it gets!

Create an account to access pricing for specific features.
Does Kibly Work For Reselling, Private Label & Drop Shipping Businesses?
Yes! Kibly works for all types of Amazon businesses. 
Does It Cost Money To Have A Kibly Account?
Nope! Our goal here at Kibly is to give you the most value for the least amount of money. That's why your account is FREE Forever! 

With Kibly there are no signup costs, subscription fees, contracts, or obligations.

You only pay for the features you want to use. Checkout our pricing page for more info.
Does Email + Direct Mail Follow-Up Really Work?
Yes! Hundreds of thousands of Amazon sellers send email follow up to their customers every day! 

Why use Kibly and not one of the competitors? 

Our email templates have been sent to over 100,000,000 customers (yeah you read that right, it says 100 Million) in Amazon marketplaces all over the world. They have helped some of our sellers receive as much as 5X the amount of Positive Reviews + Feedback they received per sale before using our software. 

Not only that, we recently released our SendPost tool which allows you to send your US customers a postcard directly to their front door, thanking them for their purchase and encouraging them to leave a review. 

While email open rates have been slowly declining over the past decade, 90% of Americans check their mail twice a week, and 98% check their mail at least once a month. This means that almost every single postcard you send will be seen by your customers, greatly improving the number of positive Reviews and Feedback you will receive and increasing the likelihood of repeat purchases. 
Do I Have To Write My Own Follow-Up Emails?
Nope! Kibly comes with our default email templates that have been tried, tested, and optimized to get you results and make sure your customers are satisfied. 

Use our 1-Click default scheduler to quickly and easily set them up for all of your products!

If you want to edit your email templates or create your own, feel free. Kibly's emails are fully customizable.
Do I Have To Design My Own Direct Mail Follow-Up?
Nope! Our team here at Kibly works hard to create the best performing and professional direct mail follow-up. 

Choose from any of our 12 default templates or design your own using our Freestyle Editor!
Does Kibly Allow Me To Customize My Email Follow-Up?
Yes! Our templates are easily customizable! 

You can edit the style and design of the text, add a PDF attachment, and even include your store logo! 

We also offer you the use of our dynamically updating Shortcodes, which allow you to add information like the order ID and buyer name into your email, and it will update automatically every single time!
Does Kibly Allow Me To Customize My Direct Mail Follow-Up?
Yes! Our SendPost postcard editor allows you to either use our beautifully designed templates, or entirely create a postcard of your own design! 

With our Freestyle editor, you can customize everything from the color of the background, to the QR code, and even upload a custom product image. You can also craft your own unique message to send to your customers.

Printing, postage, & mailing is all on us! 
Does Kibly Work With FBA & Self Fulfilled Products?
Yes! No matter how you fulfill your customers' orders we've got your back!
Will Kibly Help Me Get Reviews?
Yes! It has been proven that by adding more value to your customer's experience via followup, you build trust in your brand and customers are more likely to leave you a review!

Kibly helps you to remind customers to leave a review, by making them feel important and heard!

Positive reviews will increase when you provide your customers with an outlet for their questions and concerns. By giving them a way to reach you via followup, they are more likely to message you with any questions or concerns, instead of leaving a negative review!

It's really a win-win situation. 
Will Kibly Help Me Get Feedback?
Yes! When you send follow-up to your customer with pertinent information about their order, they trust you more as a Seller, and are far more likely to leave you positive Seller Feedback right away. 

And if they don't know how to leave Seller Feedback, Kibly provides them with a link straight to the feedback page.

Plus, your customers will feel more connected to you, so if something goes wrong... they can let you know, and you can help them get things taken care of! 

Avoid the low Seller rating, and use follow-up to increase your positive feedback.
Does Kibly Allow Me To Integrate Multiple Seller Accounts?
Yes, you can integrate multiple Seller accounts to your Kibly account!

You can add a new marketplace if you sell in different countries, or just add another Seller account that you have or manage to your existing Kibly account. 

If you manage multiple Amazon accounts and want to use Kibly, no worries! They are kept completely separate on our platform.

It's completely free to add a new marketplace too, just pay for what you use! 
"I can't even explain the amount of success we've seen..."
"Kibly is exactly what my business needed! I couldn’t understand why we weren’t seeing the results that other businesses were seeing, and it felt like I was working non-stop trying to collect happy feedback and reviews, but with no results. I gave it a shot as a last ditch effort, and I can’t even begin to explain the amount of success we’ve seen since doing so! I’m working less, making more, and getting more positive reviews than I know what to do with!
- Ryan
Start Using Kibly In 3 Simple Steps
Kibly integrates with your Amazon Seller Central account and starts working for you in less than 5 minutes!
Step 1: 100% FREE FOREVER
Kibly offers you the chance to create an account that's completely FREE FOREVER, no monthly subscription. We do this so you can get a feel for the software & save money by only paying for the features you use!
Step 2: Enter Your Amazon Account Information
Setup is quick and easy! Just integrate your Amazon account to Kibly with our Developer ID and BAM, you’re ready to start scheduling follow up emails, direct mail campaigns and growing your business like never before!
Step 3: Schedule Your Emails With 1 Click
One and DONE! Take advantage of our proven, done-for-you email sequences and templates. We've split-tested these templates on over 100 MILLION orders!  You can set them up, with just 1 click! 
0 - 499 Units Per Month
  • 6,000 Emails Per Month
  • 6 Products In Rank Tracker
  • Five Star Review & Five Star Feedback Template
  • All Essential Features
  • Amazon Growth Training
  • 3 Minute Setup
  • And So Much More!
499+ Units Per Month
  • 30,000 Emails Per Month
  • 30 Products In Rank Tracker
  • Five Star Review & Five Star Feedback Template
  • All Essential Features
  • Amazon Growth Training + Azon Ad Hacks Course
  • Private Mastermind Group
  • 3 Minute Setup
  • And So Much More!
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